GSpeed Aluminum Corvette Rolling Chassis

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Looking to start your road racing project but don’t have the ability to build the chassis at home to start with?   GSpeed has you covered with our new rolling chassis program.   Take one step above our steel frame package and move into the lighter C6Z aluminum frame as a starting point.  

We have been building a lot of chassis lately, and its a service we offer, but dont really talk much about outside our home location. The idea behind this is to simplify the race car building process. Many times, people convert a street car into a race car which is less than Ideal, because you have costs associated with the street car that are not needed in racing, so you end up throwing them out. Say, seats, interior, stock wheels, brakes, engines, etc.

Since the chassis and cage setup is something that most DYI’er can’t do at home we have taken care of this for you by having a legal cage expertly bent and attached to the frame and ready for you to start bolting your components to it.  

We offer a number of options for those wanting to get started from a basic frame and race legal cage to fully painted rollers with suspension and our killer double adjustable Penske coil over packages.   

Suspension options range from new OE control arms and OE spindles to new arms with our GSpeed Spherical kits and Drop spindles or a mix of those.  All kits selected with control arms and spindles will have new SKF Tracker race wheel bearings with ARP studs included and installed.  

Shock packages range from all of our coil over kits from non adjustable to full double adjustable units.  

You can choose to have your frame bare or painted in one of three colors.  


Once your order is placed someone from our office will contact you for final details and how to arrange pickup or shipping.   


Pricing includes bare frame to start with, no need to supply one.  

GSpeed Aluminum Corvette Rolling Chassis
GSpeed Aluminum Corvette Rolling Chassis
GSpeed Aluminum Corvette Rolling Chassis
GSpeed Aluminum Corvette Rolling Chassis